Best Skincare Products for Oily Skin

For this post, I thought that I would look into some skin care products that I find best for oily skin. Like most people, my skin goes through waves of being amazing and clear and then other times when there are spots and redness everywhere. For me, my nose is where my skin is the most oily. Generally, I have very dry skin but my nose does tend get spots, blackheads and basically the things that we all dread 👎🏼

My Everyday Makeup Routine | Updated 2016

I’m slightly obsessed with makeup so makeup tutorials and makeup routines are like heaven to me! I love having a little sticky-beak into people’s makeup and I feel like makeup routines are the best way to do that! So, I thought that I would share with you my everyday makeup routine. I’m one of those people…

5 Ways To Deal With Stress

Ever since I wrote my post about ‘Why You Should Love Yourself’ it has been my most viewed blogpost ever with nearly 100 views (which is crazy for me). I find blogposts about everyday issues such as body image so interesting and really comforting to know that I’m not the only one. Today I thought…

DIY Coffee Scrub| How To Make Coffee Scrub

The smell of coffee is on my list of favourite smells (yes! I have a mental list of favourite smells) but when it comes to drinking coffee, I don’t have the same love… I don’t know why but the taste of coffee just isn’t appealing to me WHATSOEVER. But, when it comes to coffee scrub,…

New Purchases | Lush, Boots and Skincare

I would say that calling myself a shopaholic would be a serious understatement. Literally, if you place me in a shopping centre then I will somehow find a way to walk out with bags upon bags of items that I most likely don’t need.

Classic Victoria Sponge Cake | Long Weekend Fun

Since it’s a long weekend and I have no homework, (yessssss!) it means that I can take some time to indulge in my favourite thing… baking! If you follow my Instagram, @georgiamayknow (please follow!) then you will know that I ‘try’ to bake. I say ‘try’ because let’s face it, it doesn’t always work out as I would like to!

Fashion Favourites

Right now is my favourite time to shop. I love shopping all the time but when new season stock comes in, I’m like a little kid at Christmas. I have been trying to find ‘my style’ which has proven to be a lot harder than it sounds. I love dresses and skirts and the occasional…

Why You Should Love Yourself

As my friend Justin Bieber once said ‘You should go and love yourself’ and this is exactly what I want to address in this blog post. This post is a little different from my usual fashion and beauty posts but I feel like it is quite important. Body image is something that so many people struggle with and even when people are ‘healthy’ they still don’t feel comfortable in themselves.

Winter Style | Bell Sleeves

There are so many times in my life that I wished I was born in the 60’s. With the big hair and crazy colours, I feel like I would’ve fit right in! So when I walked into my favourite shop, Forever New and found a bell sleeve dress, I was very happy!

Best Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes – with products at home

I feel like cleaning your makeup brushes is a job that everyone dreads and it is something that is easily forgotten. For me, cleaning my makeup brushes is something that I love afterwards but it’s something that I just always put off. The one thing that did make me wash my makeup brushes was the thought that I use the same brushes everyday and the amount of bacteria on them is something that I really don’t want to think about! So after watching many tutorials, I have created the simplest way to clean your makeup brushes with products that you have at home!

My Current Favourites!

Looking for some new products to try, well then you are in the right place! Click for more ♥

Makeup Storage and Collection 2016

I love seeing what makeup everyone has and I love doing a little stalk of everyone’s makeup storage. That is why I thought that I would show you my makeup storage and makeup.

LUSH LOVER | Georgia May Know

  Recently, I have become a MASSIVE fan of having baths. They are so calming and relaxing after a long day. After hearing so many bloggers talk about Lush, I thought that it was only right for me to see what the hype was about. As soon as I walked into the store and was hit…

Melbourne Adventure

Since it is the holidays and Christmas and New Year is over, my family and I decided to treat ourselves to a little week away in the city of Melbourne! We had such a lovely time walking around the gardens, eating at different restaurants and just having a relaxing time.

Delicious Chocolate Rum Balls – without the rum

I know that I have overloaded you with with baking posts lately but I have found a new recipe from Bake Smile Play that I just had to share with you!

They are Chocolate Rum Balls without the rum because I’m sure that most of you that are reading this are probably too young to drink or don’t want to get drunk on chocolate rum balls!

Best nail polishes

There’s something about wearing nail polish that I love. It makes me feel so glam and makes me think of the holidays instantly. As soon as the school term is over, the first thing that I do is put nail polish on!

The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Let’s face it, there is nothing better then baking on a weekend and then enjoying your delicious baked treats during the week! For me, it is not a weekend without baking so that is why I am going to share with you, my chocolate chip cookie recipe.


I have recently become a real bakeaholic (which I googled and it is actually a thing!) Today, I thought that I would share with you my brownie recipe that is so easy to make and is great with a peppermint tea (or any tea of your choice… but peppermint is my fave)

Everyday Makeup Routine

I love reading about other people’s ‘Everyday Makeup Routines’ so I only thought that it was right that I write about my makeup routine.

Must have beauty products

We all have that one beauty product that we always seem to go back to when all else fails. For me, I have quite a few and I have been collecting them to share with you!