How to decorate your room on a budget

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to re-decorate your room as you may think. It can cost a lot of money and at the end of day, you are probably going to want to change your room again some time in the future!

I recently re-decorated my room from being white and pink to now white and rose gold/copper – because I’m OBSESSED with those colours!

Anyway, I have found some amazing ways for you to keep the same furniture that you originally had in your room but change it from shab to fab!

  1. Buy cheap chairs and paint them…

I recently bought a blush stool to go in my room because I needed some colour in my room as there is A LOT of copper going on! Anyway, I decided to dip-dye the stool white and paint the top of it white.

The way that you can do this is by either finding an old stool or even buying one from an op-shop and then painting it to match your room.

I thought that you could only dip-dye your hair but clearly not! Dip-dying furniture is very popular and easy to do at home.

You will need:

A paintbrush

Masking tape 



Measuring tape

Firstly, measure how much of your stool you would like to be dip-dyed and mark this area with masking tape. The masking tape will not only mark your place but also make sure that the paint line is even.

Secondly, paint the bottom of the stool and then place it on some newspaper to dry!

It is as easy as that and looks so modern and chic! You can also do this with bedside tables and basically any tables!


2. Don’t throw away old bookshelves! 

Do you have any old bookshelves that are starting to look chipped on the edges? DON’T throw them away! It is easy to cover them up, make it look as good as new and also very stylish!

Washi tape is so easy to find from any crafts shop and is so easy to use! Washi tape will cover up the chipping on the edge of the shelves.

You will need:

Washi Tape


Firstly, measure how much washi tape you will need to use for each section of your bookshelf. Cut the washi tape into strips using scissors.

Secondly, place the washi tape on the sections of the shelf that you are wanting to cover up.

I love how modern this looks and no one will ever know that the bookshelf was once chipped.


3. You don’t have to buy framed photos, DIY!

I have always loved framed quotes and photos to put in my room. But you don’t have to wait and see if a shop has a quote or photo that you like, you can make it yourself!

You can easily buy really cheap frames from Target or OfficeWorks and find quotes and photos online.

You will need:

Picture Frames

Printed quotes or photos

Picture Hooks



Firstly, print out a quote or photo and then buy a frame that matches the size of the image that you have printed.

Secondly, hook your frame onto the wall using a picture hook, nail and hammer.


I hope that you enjoyed this blog post!

If you re-create any of these ideas, share them with me on Instagram, Twitter or Email!

Instagram: @georgiamayknow

Twitter: @georgiamayknow_


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  1. vanillamintt says:

    Love it! Cant wait to try some of these out! Amelia xx


    1. I’m glad that you liked it! xxx


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