We all have that one beauty product that we always seem to go back to when all else fails. For me, I have quite a few and I have been collecting them to share with you! As always, if you have any beauty products that you think I or other readers might be interested in, let us know in the comments! If you would like to buy any of the products, please click on the image to be redirected.

I’m just going to warn you in advance, as you can probably tell from the photos that I have taken, I tried to experiment with the backgrounds! I don’t really think that it worked!


My first must have product is the Hydra Zen from Lancôme. I’m a big fan of all of the Lancôme products as they are really great for sensitive skin. This is one of the products that I put on my face every night and I know that I am looking after my skin well. This cream is light and hydrating and lasts for a long time. This is the second time that I have bought this product and I believe that it will be something that I will use for a long time!


I can’t believe that I just recently started using this product! I have had the Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Leave in Cream for who knows how long and I have never used it! It wasn’t until a hot day when my hair decided to have a mind of its own that I used this product. Not only does this leave in cream smell incredible but it also tames your hair and removes all frizz and curl. It works so well with my hair and I can use it almost like a gel to set my hair in place. So, if you are like me and have CRAZY hair then this is definitely a product that you should try.


If you have read some of my previous blog posts, you will know that I have been loving the L’Oréal Paris 640 Matte Erotique. The colour is so build able and although it is matte, it glides on the lips so nicely. I love dark pink lip colours as they can be used for dressy or casual events. I have never used a L’Oréal lipstick but after using this, I’m going to buy more! This is my go-to lipstick at the moment!


If you don’t own this product then I don’t know what you are doing! This Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water works so well! I feel like I’m just putting water on my face. It is just as light as water and removes all makeup and will never irritate your skin. I have been using this product for a while and hardly any of it has gone. You don’t need to use much of this product as the tiniest amount will remove so much makeup!


If you know me, then you know that I am obsessed with the Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation. If you sensitive skin then mineral makeup is definitely something that you should try. My favourite mineral makeup company is Jane Iredale. I use this powder everyday to cover up any spots that my foundation might have missed. This powder gives a flawless finish and is always something that I rely on. If you don’t feel like wearing a lot of makeup, then you can just use this and it will look like you are wearing full makeup!

IMG_5903This is another hair product that I have had for YEARS and have never used! This is the Blond Me by Schwarzkopf which is a magnifying spray. I spray this at the ends of my hair everyday to add some shine and gloss to my hair. Along with the other Blond Me products, this spray maintains and adds a blonde shine to your hair. I always rely on this product to maintain my crazy, curly hair and add some shine!!!

It’s a crime not to prime! My favourite primer is the MAC Prep + Prime! When I first started using makeup, I didn’t use a primer which I know, is NOT GOOD!!! However, now that I have found this primer, I use this product everyday! I find that my makeup looks and feels so much nicer on my skin when I use this!


This is my holy grail mascara that I COULDN’T live with out! This is the They’re Real Benefit mascara which lengthens, darkens and separates all lashes. This mascara is exactly like its name as it does make your lashes look long and real. It is my go-to mascara that I will definitely buy more of when I run out!


This is the best perfume that I have ever used! If you have read my previous blogposts then you will know that I am OBSESSED with this product! The smell isn’t overpowering so it can be used everyday with out being too much! I haven’t ever found a perfume that I use everyday like this one. I usually use different scented mists rather than perfumes as I haven’t found a perfume that I like wearing everyday. However, now that I have found the Modern Muse by Estee Lauder I haven’t used any other fragrance. I couldn’t speak more highly of this product!

Lucky last is my new favourite FITme Concealer from Maybelline. I had heard really good reviews about this product and was excited to use it. It is such a fantastic concealer that covers up every spot. It feels so light on my skin yet it still covers up any imperfections. Maybelline has to be my favourite drug store makeup brand and I love using their products!

I hope that you enjoyed this blog post about my must have beauty products!

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