There’s something about wearing nail polish that I love. It makes me feel so glam and makes me think of the holidays instantly. As soon as the school term is over, the first thing that I do is put nail polish on!

Although I have a whole tub full of nail polish, there seem to be only five that I use. Which I think is bad because it means that there are so many perfectly good nail polishes going to waste. However, it does mean that I must really love these nail polishes!


Left to Right: Color So Hot It Berns, Vampersterdam, 620 Bewitching, Berlin There Done That, That’s Hot! Pink


When it comes to my fave nail polishes, I think that it is pretty clear and OPI and Revlon are my go to brands. I love darker red and nude colours when it comes to painting my nails. However, in Summer I love to switch it up with some light pinks and purples.

Colour So Hot It Berns – OPI

This hot red colour is fantastic for Summer and is definitely a bold statement! I always think that red colours are great for the toes. OPI nail polishes last so well and I think that just like a red lip, red nail polish never goes out of fashion!

Vampsterdam – OPI

This colour looks a lot darker on camera than it does in real life! This dark purple colour is perfect for the cosy winter months. It is another bold colour that I prefer to put on my fingernails. There is a slight sparkle to this colour which I LOVE in nail polishes.

620 Bewitching – Revlon

This has been my absolute go to colour at the moment! I have loved this for ages now as it is the perfect red colour. Sometimes I think that a pure red nail polish like ‘Color So Hot It Berns’ can be a bit daring for everyday use so that is where this colour comes in! It is a rich, darker red colour that is perfect for any season.

Berlin There Done That – OPI

It is grey colours like this that I wear when I have no idea what other colour to wear! You can never go wrong with this colour, it is perfect for any occasion and I love wearing grey colours on my nails.

That’s Hot! Pink – OPI


Last but definitely not least, the most daring nail colour that I own, That’s Hot! Pink by OPI. I love this colour when it’s Summer and I am looking for an exciting colour to wear. I love hot pink colours and I think that this is perfect for all of the girly girls out there like me, who love to wear nail polish!


I think the reason why I love OPI and Revlon so much is because of the finish of the product. All of these nail polishes have a lovely shine to them and can be applied so easily.


What are your favourite nail polish colours?

What is your go-to nail colour?


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