Since it is the holidays and Christmas and New Year is over, my family and I decided to treat ourselves to a little week away in the city of Melbourne! We had such a lovely time walking around the gardens, eating at different restaurants and just having a relaxing time.


I decided to take lots of photos for you to show you how pretty Melbourne is! Since my Canon camera wasn’t working (thanks memory card!) I decided to just take photos on my iPhone 6, which actually has a really great camera! The only bad thing is the live camera on the iPhone 6 where you can take a live photo and it is really creepy because you can see people moving in a picture!

Before you read this, I would like to apologise for the amount of pointless flower photos that I took! I became this crazy lady that took photos of every flower that I saw!







If you know me then you know that walking isn’t really my thing! But this holiday I actually loved walking because it meant that I was able to see the beautiful scenery and take some amazing photos! Firstly we walked around the gardens and was able to see all around Melbourne (which was gorgeous!) This was where my obsession with flowers took place.


That night we set out to a little family Italian restaurant which meant that I was able to eat pizza (honestly, the best pizza I have ever had) and being a big pizza lover, I was in my ELEMENT! We then went to the cinema at 10pm (which was really late considering I love sleep!) to see Joy. I was really looking forward to see this movie as I am a Jennifer Lawrence fan but I was a bit disappointed as it wasn’t what I was hoping for.


The next day I went to the beach which despite the photos, the weather was actually alright. It was a little bit overcast but we didn’t go swimming because it was so cold!

For dinner, we went to a traditional Chinese restaurant which I was a bit funny about going to considering that I have never eaten traditional Chinese food. However, I was happily proved wrong when I ended up having an amazing meal! It wasn’t until we ordered that we realised that we had ordered “number 3” meals which basically meant that we had ordered the hottest meals on the menu. Being someone that doesn’t handle spicy food very well, I ended up downing lemonades while sweating and having a numb mouth. Trust me, despite all of that, I actually had an amazing meal and I REALLY loved it.




How pretty is this cinema!?

We then went to see another film, in an old cinema that had gorgeous scenery and a real artsy feel to it. We saw The Bélier Family, which is a French film with subtitles (which aren’t as bad as you think, you get used to reading them after a while) and it was honestly such an AMAZING film that I would definitely recommend seeing. It had the perfect balance between laughter and crying and ended up being such a touching film.


The final day was SHOPPING DAY which I was extremely excited for, even though I lost my purse (which ended up being in a sneaky pocket in my bag) anyway, I ended up buying three pairs of jeans for a really good price and new foundation which I am going to do a review of on my blog soon because I love it so much!



I had such a lovely week with my family exploring Melbourne, eating spicy food, shopping, taking photos of flowers and walking around the beautiful city.

Things that I learnt from this holiday:

  • Walking can be fun (remember that!!!)
  • Take your camera every where you go
  • I am a real PIZZA ADDICT
  • Go to the movies more often, there are great films out there
  • It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone sometimes and try new things




  1. Serious weather envy haha! I’m currently sat in my house in Wales listening the rain pouring down, those pictures of the beautiful Australian weather is literally got my heart longing for summer xxx


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