(Top left) Think pink, (Top right) Butterball, (Bottom) Spacegirl
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(Upper left) Sunny side, (Middle) Sex Bomb, (Bottom right) Sakura


Recently, I have become a MASSIVE fan of having baths. They are so calming and relaxing after a long day. After hearing so many bloggers talk about Lush, I thought that it was only right for me to see what the hype was about.

As soon as I walked into the store and was hit with a  strong smell of AMAZINGNESS, I knew that I was going to love this place! Lush has to be one of my FAVOURITE shops now! It is like heaven for any bath lover…

I bought:

Sex bomb: This bath bomb has the most AMAZING smell! The colours make the bath look incredible and the petal on top of the bath bomb floats in the water. This bath bomb has relaxing oils that keep you feeling calm and your skin feeling soft. I personally love this bath bomb due to the sweet smell and gorgeous colours.

Sakura: This was the the first bath bomb that I used and the smell lasted in my hair for days. The cherry blossom smell and subtle colour is why I love this bath bomb. The jasmine smell and blue sea salt leaves you feeling peaceful and ready for bed. This is a bath bomb that I wouldn’t use before a long day as you will probably feel very sleepy!!!

Sunny Side: Unlike the other products that I have bought, this is a bubble bar that creates pretty golden, shimmery bubbles in your bath. This bubble bar can be crumbled under the water so you can use it more than once. I don’t want to use this product because it just looks SO pretty. This is a bubble bar that I think I will use to lift my spirits and make me feel golden!

Think Pink: I think that the Think Pink bath bomb couldn’t get anymore girly! The pretty pink colours fill your bath and leave a sweet smell. This bath bomb is honestly the most gorgeous colour with quite a strong sweet smell. I am not a big fan of strong sweet smells but this bath bomb is so pretty and the smell isn’t too overpowering.

Rose Queen: This was one of the first bath bombs that I used and I was extremely concerned when this bath bomb started fizzing! Being my dramatic self, I thought that there were little bugs inside the bath bomb but I then googled and found out that they were petals! Don’t be put off by the floating petals as they make the bath smell amazing and leave your body feeling so refreshed and soothed.

Space Girl: The main reason why I picked this bath bomb was because of the sparkles! I was also really surprised that they could make a bath bomb look like Saturn! Just like the purple/blue colour, this bath bomb leaves your bath smelling of blackcurrants. I can’t wait to use this bath bomb!

Butterball: This bath bomb was one that I couldn’t leave the store without. When I saw it in the shop, it just looked like something that I knew I would like and I was right! The Butterball bath bomb has cocoa butter and an amazing sweet musk and vanilla smell to leave you feeling calm and your skin soft.

BEWARE: When it comes to bath bombs with sparkles and petals, they will stick to the side of your bath (and your skin). It is best to have a towel on standby to clean your bath.  (I did learn this the hard way!!!)




If you haven’t tried Lush yet, then you are missing out BIG TIME sister! I love all of their products and I think that it is clear that I am a little obsessed…

Have you tried Lush products before?

Which ones are your favourite?

Let me know xxx




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