I feel like cleaning your makeup brushes is a job that everyone dreads and it is something that is easily forgotten. For me, cleaning my makeup brushes is something that I love afterwards but it’s something that I just always put off. The one thing that did make me wash my makeup brushes was the thought that I use the same brushes everyday and the amount of bacteria on them is something that I really don’t want to think about!

As weird as it sounds, I think that there is a real art to washing your makeup brushes. When I was googling how to properly wash my makeup brushes, I found myself on YouTube watching endless tutorials until I found the most simple way that didn’t require all of these fancy products.

So after watching many tutorials, I have created the simplest way to clean your makeup brushes with products that you have at home!

You will need:

Makeup brushes

Shampoo (nice smelling shampoo makes your brushes smell amazing)


The shampoo that I use is the Palmolive Naturals Damage Repair with Keratin & Shea Butter

I use this shampoo for my hair and I really like it as it leaves my hair feeling soft, smelling great and it still leaves a lot of texture in my hair. IMG_6484

I then place a small amount into my hand. I find that this is the perfect amount however, it does depend on the size of the brush.

This is the disgusting part!

This part isn’t the prettiest but all I do is grab a brush and swirl it in the shampoo. This part was when I realised that I need to wash my brushes more often!


I keep doing this until the brush is looking cleaner. It is important to make sure that you are only washing the bristles of the brush and not the brush handle as it can ruin the glue and then the brush breaks (which is never good!)

IMG_6488Finally, I wash the brush under water making sure that I have cleaned the entire brush and not just the outside bristles. I keep washing  the brush under water until the water is clean and there is no more excess foundation on the brush. IMG_6498Using a towel, I dry the brush and place it to dry while I clean the other brushes


This is my eyeshade brush (the smallest brush that I have) and I repeated the same process however, I used less shampoo.


This is my eyebrow combing brush which surprisingly had a lot of excess product on it. I wasn’t too sure how this was going to work but I repeated the same process and it worked really well!


The final product which I cleaned was my beauty blender which was full of primer and concealer. It was a bit awkward trying to clean this blender! It actually cleaned really well and looked brand new.

This me trying to decide how to wash the beauty blender!
This is how I dry my brushes!

The way that I do this is by rolling one side of the towel and placing all of brushes on the towel with the bristles facing down. The reason why I do this is so the water doesn’t drip down to the handle and loosen the glue.

A little before and after shot!


I hope that this helped you and reminded you to clean your makeup brushes and get rid of that bacteria!!

Love you all <3




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