What a coincidence! I just looked back at my old blog posts and I found a post called ‘Must Have Beauty Products’ and found that not only have many of my favourite makeup products stayed the same but I’ve also taken the photos in the same place with the same background. I swear I didn’t mean for this to happen!


PicMonkey Collage
Mario Badescu Hydaluronic Day Cream Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream

If you have dry or sensitive skin then these products are PERFECT for you! For so long I have been trying to find the best products that don’t irritate my skin and actually work! When I went to Mecca, I had the most amazing lady serve me and she recommended these products and said that they were amazing (and she wasn’t wrong). I use the day cream before I put my makeup on and then the night cream after I take my makeup off. These products have left my skin feeling so incredibly hydrated and although the texture of these products is quite thick, it isn’t heavy on my skin. I’ve been using these products for hardly anytime and I can already feel a difference. P.S I also saw that Kylie Jenner uses these products so if they are good enough for Kylie Jenner, then they are good enough for me!

Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer

This is by far the best concealer that I have ever used! I always rely on it to make me look more awake (which I guess is it’s point!). My under-eyes always look AMAZING after I’ve used this. Although I always love trying new concealers, this is by far my favourite. If you haven’t ever tried this, then you are simply missing out!



Jane Iredale Base Mineral Foundation

If you are a true Georgia May Know fan then you will know that I’m slightly addicted to this product (and slightly is an understatement). I’m all about having that one product that you can always rely on when all else fails and for me, this is that product. Whenever I’m in desperate need to cover up any blemishes, this is the product that I will always use and EVERY single time, I am blown away with how incredible it is.


Benefit They’re Real

Once again, a holy grail product! I use this product EVERY SINGLE DAY and there is nothing that beats it. It is honestly the best everyday mascara out there! It adds natural looking length and boldness to my lashes without them clumping. Also, might I add that I received this product two Christmas’ ago and it still hasn’t run out! Please do yourself a favour and buy this product.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

This is another OUTSTANDING (I’m running out of adjectives!) mascara by Benefit. I use this whenever I need FULL ON lashes which is usually when I’m going out somewhere fancy! This Roller Lash is honestly amazing! It makes my eyelashes look so long that I feel like someone has added a whole new set of lashes onto my eyes! Every time I’m wearing this, people ask which mascara I’m using and I can’t recommend it more.

What is your FAVOURITE makeup product of all time? I want to try it! Leave it in the comments below




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