Classic Victoria Sponge Cake | Long Weekend Fun

Since it’s a long weekend and I have no homework, (yessssss!) it means that I can take some time to indulge in my favourite thing… baking! If you follow my Instagram, @georgiamayknow (please follow!) then you will know that I ‘try’ to bake. I say ‘try’ because let’s face it, it doesn’t always work out as I would like to!

Recently, as I was searching through YouTube, I found a channel called ‘Cupcake Jemma’ which is literally every baker’s dream in a YouTube channel. Jemma has a cupcake shop in London called ‘Crumbs and Doilies’ where she serves the most amazing looking baked goods and she also shows you how to make them on her channel.

So thanks to her channel, I decided to be a little ambitious and make a classic Victoria Sponge Cake!

This recipe was made using ideas from Cupcake Jemma however, some changes have been made

FullSizeRender 3

You will need:

~ 3 eggs             ~ Softened Unsalted Butter             ~ Caster Sugar             ~Self-raising flour


~ 1 tsp Baking Powder             ~Pinch of salt             ~1 tsp Vanilla Extract            ~1-2 tbsp Milk

~300ml Dollop Cream                                             ~Strawberries

(Set your oven to 170 degrees Celsius)

Step 1: Start by weighing your 3 eggs while they are still in their shells. Whatever these eggs weigh, you will need to weigh the same amount for your butter, sugar and flour.

Step 2: Measure out your butter, caster sugar and flour to all be the same weight as the eggs.

Step 3: Using an electric mixer or a spoon, mix together your butter and sugar until it is a paler colour.

Step 4: While your butter and sugar is beating, lightly whisk the 3 eggs together in a bowl.

Step 5: In 3 intervals, add some of the whisked egg into your butter and sugar mixture. Once completed, place to the side.

Step 6: Using a clean bowl, sieve the flour, baking powder and salt together.

Step 7: Fold this mixture into your butter, caster sugar and egg mixture that you previously set aside. I recommend doing this step with a spoon as it is easier to fold the mixture.

Step 8: Once folded together, add your vanilla extract and milk and continue to mix

Step 9: Using two 8-inch round cake tins, grease the cake tins with butter, spray or baking paper. If you choose to use baking paper, I recommend cutting out a circular shape from the baking paper that will fit evenly into your cake tin.

Step 10: Divide your mixture into 2 bowls and place the mixture from one bowl into a cake tin and do the same with the rest of the mixture in the other cake tin.

Step 11: Place the cake tins into the oven for 20-25 minutes or until golden.

Step 12: After the 20-25 minutes, place your cakes onto a cooling tray and leave to cool for 20 minutes

Step 13: Once the cakes have cooled, find the cake that is your least favourite, this will be the bottom cake and the one that you will place the cream and strawberries on.

Step 14: Using 200ml of the dollop cream, spread it evenly across the cake and place halved strawberries all across the cake

Step 15: Place the remaining cake on top of the cream and strawberries and gently sandwiches the cakes together to make sure that none of the cake will go flying

Step 16: Using the remaining 100ml of cream, spread it across the top of the cake and do the same with the remaining strawberries

Voila! There you go! A delicious, fluffy vanilla sponge which isn’t as hard as it looks!

FullSizeRender 2




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  1. jordylucas says:

    Looks SO good! X


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