I would say that calling myself a shopaholic would be a serious understatement. Literally, if you place me in a shopping centre then I will somehow find a way to walk out with bags upon bags of items that I most likely don’t need. Although this isn’t a good thing, it does mean that I am able to show you my latest purchases and also give you a little review as well… trust me, I am very happy with my purchases!


Cotton On Love Candle – $9.95

I was quite proud of myself with this purchase! I bought this candle, along with a scarf (see below) from Cotton On and I just think that it’s so cute! Candles are something that I love but don’t have enough of. I love the concrete that covers the candle as well as the gold ‘love’ that matches my room! Before buying a candle, it always has to pass the ‘smell test!’ This is Coconut and Lime scented which does sound like a weird combination but it smells so refreshing!

Cotton On Scarf – $14.95 (or $5 with any purchase) BARGAIN!

As the bitter Winter months are fast approaching, scarves are compulsory! For me, nothing beats a classic black scarf which can go with anything! This scarf I bought with the candle (so it was only $5… woohoo!) and you will definitely see me wearing this a lot! One thing that really drew me to this scarf was the material! As much as I love a good ol’ knitted scarf, when wearing them every single day they tend to fray and they just don’t last as long. So, I decided to go with this scarf instead for everyday use because I know that it will last longer. And it’s really soft which is a bonus!

Victoria’s Secret Passion Struck Mist – $25.30

I have only owned 2 Victoria’s Secret Mists in my life and it’s not that I don’t love them but I just have never come around to buying them all over again. But when I heard that they had a $10 sale on mists, I turned into that crazy lady with all of the perfume testers. I have tried the Coconut Passion before (and I loved it) but I wanted to try something a little bit different this time. So I bought the Passion Struck body mist which is amazing if you love sweet and refreshing smells. If you don’t love sweet smells and prefer something more subtle, then I definitely wouldn’t recommend this mist but if you do, then go crazy and buy it!

Novo Ankle Boots – $69.95 (now $50… another BARGAIN?!)

I have heeled boots and long boots but I didn’t have any everyday ankle boots… until now! These boots are from Novo where they are having a storewide sale so these boots were only $50. I was so happy to find these because I couldn’t find any online that I loved and when I did, they were either $83 or $213 (no thank youuuu) I have already worn these and I love them, they are so comfortable as well. I am planning to wear these until I literally can’t wear them anymore and they are broken and the heel is falling off!


Nivea Post Shave Balm – $11.49

I have heard people RAVING about this product but I didn’t really believe that a men’s shaving product could help my makeup stay on all day. But being the shopaholic and fomo (fear of missing out) that I am, I bought it to see what all of the hype was about. I was looking in supermarkets and chemists but they always seemed to be sold out and for some reason, that didn’t click in my mind that maybe this product was life changing. Until finally, I found it in Kmart and snatched it off the shelf! I tried this for the first time yesterday and instantly fell in love! The product is so hydrating to the skin and my foundation and concealer didn’t feel like it was going anywhere! It was then, after a few hours, when I expect my makeup to have all gone that there it was, still there, it hadn’t moved at all. If you are like I was and a little apprehensive about buying this product, then do it! Just buy it and trust me, you won’t be disappointed. A little bonus as well, it is SO much cheaper than a normal primer.

Lush Bath Bombs – Top left: Sex Bomb, Top Right: Avobath,

Bottom Left: Dragon’s Egg, Bottom Right: Space Girl

It’s no surprise that I love lush and if you didn’t know that, then now you do! After my repeated purchases from lush, I am always trying new products and going back to my old favourites. The Sex Bomb and Space Girl bath bomb I have bought SO many times before and they have to be my favourite by far! The Dragon’s Egg and Avobath I have never tried before but if I love them, then you will hear about it!! I really wish that there was        smell-o-vision because if you could smell these bath bombs, you would instantly fall in love! I plan to buy all of the Lush products and turn into a crazy lush lady whose whole house is filled with lush…but at least I’ll be happy!!

Lots of love,

Georgia ♥



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