Ever since I wrote my post about ‘Why You Should Love Yourself’ it has been my most viewed blogpost ever with nearly 100 views (which is crazy for me). I find blogposts about everyday issues such as body image so interesting and really comforting to know that I’m not the only one.
Today I thought that I would talk about something quite personal again because I sort of think of this blog as a place to share my thoughts whether people read it or not.

Stress is something that everyone experiences however, it can impact people differently. For me, being quite an anxious person, when my mind finds something to stress about, it will suddenly spiral into a world of panic and doubt. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who feels as though sometimes their mind turns the smallest situation into a life or death situation (dramatic I know).

Dealing with stress isn’t as easy as it sounds. Although I do wish that I could just click my fingers and the stress would miraculously disappear, it’s not always that simple.

So I hope that by writing this blogpost, it can help some of you to destress and I think that I’ll probably find myself coming back to this blogpost as well!!

 – Notice the stress – 

As easy as this sounds, it’s so important to just acknowledge that you are stressed. Sometimes I find myself trying to push away the stress by distracting myself or thinking, ‘I’ll just worry about that later’ but it’s so important to notice how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling this way. Because the sooner you notice the stress, the sooner it can go away.

– Write about it – 

This is something that is SO helpful for me. When I say write about it, I don’t mean like write a whole essay about why you’re feeling stressed (but go ahead if you really want to!) I’m talking more like a ‘To Do List’. For me, writing a list is a saviour! I write lists upon lists and I find this so helpful to know exactly what I need to do. And when you can cross some thing off your list, it is such a weight off your shoulders. Also, a lot of the time, when I write myself a list, I actually find that I don’t have as much to stress about as I thought! After writing a list, I like to try to prioritise what I should be doing first.

– Treat yo’ self –

When I feel stressed, I forget to just look after myself. I often get so caught up that I feel like I have no time to sit down and have a nice cuppa tea or even just scroll through Instagram. However, this is actually the best thing to do. After a busy week, I like to have a nice bath and a cup of chai tea just to relax and rewind. Just because you’re stressed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look after yourself.

– Listen to some tunes – 

Listening to music is something that can be so calming and really bring you back to reality. I recommend creating a playlist that you listen to when you’re stressed. On my phone, I always go back to my favourite songs to calm down.

– Just breathe –

When you’re stressed, your breathing becomes more shallow and a lot of the time, it’s hard to notice. So something as simple as taking 5 deep breaths can help your mind become clearer. It sounds so simple, but at the same time, it’s so easy to forget.

I hope that this can help someone and hopefully, you can relate and come back to this blogpost whenever you’re stressed.


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