I’m slightly obsessed with makeup so makeup tutorials and makeup routines are like heaven to me! I love having a little sticky-beak into people’s makeup and I feel like makeup routines are the best way to do that! So, I thought that I would share with you my everyday makeup routine. I’m one of those people who finds a makeup look that I like, and then I will stick with it for ages until I end up getting sick of it or I find new products that I love more!

P.S I tried to do some ‘artsy shots’ with my makeup but I feel like it just looks a bit silly! Anyway, at least I tried! In the comments below, let me know you’re favourite makeup item that you couldn’t live without! For me, it would have to be concealer… however, mascara is a very close second..


Nivea Men Post Shave Balm (Primer): This is a product that I just started using recently but instantly fell in love with! By the end of the day, I always find that my makeup seems to have disappeared into thin air but since using this product, my makeup literally feels like it is glued onto my face! But don’t get me wrong, this product is so light and hydrating on the skin (so it isn’t really like glue). I love to use it in the mornings to wake me up as well! 

Shiseido Stick Foundation Control Colour (Colour Corrector): I never really realised how important this product is to my makeup routine until I ran out of it! I use this product as a base under my foundation to even out my skin tone and cancel out any redness. This product glides on the skin so easily. When I first saw that this colour corrector was green, it sort of put me off. Why would I want to be putting a green stick on my face? But now I’m so glad that I bought it! The green tone of the colour corrector cancels out the redness completely! If you struggle with redness on your skin like me, I would highly recommend trying this product.

Stila Aqua Glow Foundation: I don’t think that I have ever loved a foundation more than I love this foundation! I love water based foundations because they feel so hydrating to my skin. I love the seamless finish that this foundation gives to my skin and how easily it blends as well. This foundation is a medium coverage however, it can be built up if you need to. I feel like a lot of people avoid water based foundations because they worry that it won’t stick on their face but with this foundation, I know that it’s not going anywhere!  I prefer to not use a brush or beauty blender when I apply this foundation because I know that a brush will just absorb all of the product. So, I prefer to use my fingers when applying this foundation.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer: This is another product that I didn’t realise how much I loved it until I ran out of it! This concealer is my favourite concealer that I have ever used! It is so much cheaper than other, high-end brands but I feel like it works better! I love how this product brightens my eyes and just makes me look more awake. When I don’t use this concealer, I feel like I can really tell the difference because my under-eyes just look so dull without it!

bareSkin Perfecting Veil (Powder): I must be honest, when I first bought this product, I wasn’t in love with it. I just felt like it wasn’t adding anything to my makeup routine. But, I persisted until one day, I forgot to use it and I could really tell the difference! So, since then, I have used it everyday and now love it! I can feel that it sets my foundation and concealer so well to the point where it won’t move whatsoever!

Benefit Gimme Brow: If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you will know that I have been using this product for SO long! It is my favourite brow product to make sure that they are on point (because that’s a priority!) The only thing that I would say is that, if you wanting to fill in your whole brow then this probably isn’t the best product for you (it would be good to set your brows though!). But if you are looking for a product to just fill in little gaps in your brows, then this is perfect!!

Benefit They’re Real (Mascara): Again, my favourite mascara to use! I just love all of the Benefit mascaras because they just add incredible length and darkness to my lashes. I prefer to use this mascara for everyday use because it separates the lashes like there’s no tomorrow as well as adding length. 

BUT if you look closely to the photos, then you will see that there are two mascaras because I just couldn’t help myself! So, I thought that I would show my equal favourite mascara!

Benefit Roller Lash (Mascara)This mascara is one that I love for glam looks or when I’m wanting to have a dramatic makeup look. The main difference between the They’re Real and the Roller Lash would be that the Roller Lash makes the eyelashes much thicker rather than separating them like the They’re Real. This mascara adds INCREDIBLE length and makes the lashes a lot darker as well! So, to summarise, I prefer to use the They’re Real for everyday use but I love to use the Roller Lash for something a little more dramatic.

Sportsgirl Metallic Edit (Eyeshadow): I bought this product really recently but I knew that I would love it because it involves gold! There is something about gold eyeshadow that I just love! I only ever wear eyeshadow for dressy events, so I’m not wearing it everyday but when I do, I usually use the silver shimmery colour in the top left hand corner. But, if I’m going true glam, then I will use more of the gold colours and the darker colours for a smokey look. 

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