Hello again!

It has been a little while since I last wrote a blog post and I’ve missed it a lot! I love writing these blog posts so I’m happy to be back writing instead of just posting photos on my Instagram account!

For this post, I thought that I would look into some skin care products that I find best for oily skin. Like most people, my skin goes through waves of being amazing and clear and then other times when there are spots and redness everywhere. For me, my nose is where my skin is the most oily. Generally, I have very dry skin but my nose does tend  to get spots, blackheads and basically the things that we all dread 👎🏼
So when I see any pimples popping up underneath my skin, I try to do anything that I can to make sure that they disappear ASAP so here are my go-to products for those desperate times ♡


Buy here: Natio Young Pore Unclogging Face Scrub



This face scrub I have honestly had for YEARS! I find that many exfoliant face scrubs irritate my skin instantly because of those pesky little beads that are in most face scrubs. This product by Natio has much smaller beads that don’t irritate my skin whatsoever! I use this product in the shower twice a week on my nose to remove any excess oil and imperfections. Once I wash off this face scrub, my nose feels so smooth and much less oily than usual. If you have sensitive skin like I do, I always try to avoid face scrubs with exfoliating beads so my skin doesn’t become irritated. That is why I only use this product on my nose and sometimes my T-zone (the places where my skin is the worst) ♡

Buy here: Mario Badescu Silver Powder

I am in LOVE with Mario Badescu’s products because they are so affordable, easy to use and they just work so well! This is one of my favourite products which is the Silver Powder made specifically for oily and congested skin. I bought this product to remove blackheads and excess oil on my nose. Immediately after using this product, all of the imperfections that are hiding underneath my skin are either gone or brought to the surface. I used this product the other day when I could see a pimple popping up on my nose (the worst!) and I used this product straight away and the next day, all signs of the pimple were gone!! ♡

Buy here: Origins 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin

This is my HOLY GRAIL face mask!! Before buying this product I had only ever heard amazing reviews about Origins Skincare so I made it my mission to buy something from here. This face mask doesn’t irritate my skin at all (which is REALLY rare) and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth and fresh. This face mask only has to be left on for 10 minutes and the results are instant. The only warning that I have about this product is that the smell is VERY strong so please be careful if you’re sensitive to strong smells!! ♡

Buy here: Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water

I’ve included Garnier Micellar Water because it is just a must-have product for every skin type! This is honestly my favourite makeup remover when it comes to those lazy days when I can’t be bothered to cleanse my skin using fancy products and I just want something that will take my makeup off quickly. I have gone through three bottles of this in less than a year! There are quite a few types of Micellar Water that Garnier makes but the Pure Active range is used to purify, mattify and remove makeup. I would recommend this product for everyone because it is just so simple and you can explore the range of Micellar Waters to find the best one for your skin ♡


Let me know what your favourite skincare products are because I’m continually wanting to try new products!

Georgia ♡♡♡



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