It’s no lie that I love makeup… well I’m actually OBSESSED with makeup and often have to stop myself from buying EVERYTHING from any makeup store. Anyway, I am always finding new makeup and recently, I feel like I have really found my favourite, holy-grail products which I continue to buy time after time.


This makeup look is natural, quick and with products which I just love. I will write about my go-to glam look in another post but for now, here is my everyday makeup look which I have been loving since the start of the year ♡

Nivea: Pure and Natural Soothing Day Cream – $9.75 (SALE)
Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.22.56 pm
Nivea: Q10 Plus Eye Cream – $14.99

I always believe that moisturising before putting on your makeup is essential to making your makeup look INCREDIBLE! When I forget to put moisturiser on, I always notice that my makeup doesn’t look as nice and my skin isn’t as soft. I use these products before every makeup look with the eye cream brightening my under eyes and the moisturiser hydrating my skin before the other products ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.27.15 pm
Too Faced: Hangover Primer – $46.00

I always struggle to know whether a primer actually works… but I love the Too Faced Primer because it is so refreshing and moisturising. When I use this primer, my foundation glides on so well and my skin feels so lovely after using this. I would definitely recommend this primer for anyone with dry and sensitive skin like me ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.31.01 pm
Nars: Sheer Glow Foundation – $68.00 AUD

OMG… I am in love with this foundation! For me, nothing beats it and it is the best foundation that I have ever used! It is perfect for my skin type, a light-medium coverage and it isn’t drying on my skin. I use the shade ‘Gobi’ which I find is absolutely perfect for my complexion. The only thing that I don’t like about this foundation is that it takes a long time to blend into the skin. So, if you are often in a rush and like to do your makeup in 5 minutes, then I wouldn’t recommend this foundation but other than that, I can’t speak more highly of it ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.45.24 pm
Kryolan: Concealer Duo – $44.00

This concealer is AMAZING! I am obsessed with this concealer duo for so many reasons… Kryolan is actually a makeup brand made for stage makeup meaning that their products are high coverage and just amazing. I will generally apply this product with my fingers as I find that the oils in my fingers helps the concealer to glide onto my skin. I use this to hide any redness or blemishes that my foundation hasn’t covered or any spots that I don’t want to show up during the day. When I am feeling like wearing less makeup, I will just use this concealer where I need it and after that, I don’t need any foundation ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 2.52.43 pm
L’Oréal Paris: CC Eye Concealer – $9.99 (available online or in the US)

To be honest, when I first bought this product I wasn’t too sure what to expect… however, I was happily surprised to find that this concealer was EXACTLY what I needed. I have always loved the idea of having a concealer which is lighter than my foundation to use under my eyes because it brightens my eyes and highlights. So, because this product is made especially to lift and brighten the under eyes, it is exactly what I need! I am obsessed!! ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.01.01 pm
Nude by Nature: Finishing Veil Setting Powder – $39.95

This powder is so light on the skin and sets my makeup in place all day! I love loose powders because I always know how much product I am using and it doesn’t get lost in the powder brush like some pressed powders do. I lightly apply this all over my face and I pack this to under my eyes to bake my concealer so it DOESN’T go anywhere ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.04.53 pm
Sportsgirl: Wonder Brow Palette – $14.95

I have ALWAYS loved Sportsgirl makeup!! I would definitely recommend their products for anyone who is just starting with makeup because they are cheap, easy to use and they work so well!! This brow palette is perfect for anyone who just needs to fill in little bits of their eyebrows to make them look fuller and flawless. I use this palette to tidy and fill in the ends of my brows ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.13.23 pm
L’Oréal Paris: False Lash Butterfly Sculpt Mascara – $25.95

This is definitely my favourite drugstore mascara out there! This mascara only has bristles on one side which I was a little bit sceptical of at first however, it means that all of your lashes can be attached to the bristles making them extra long and dark! This mascara isn’t lying when it says ‘false lash’ mascara because my eyelashes always look so much longer and curled when I used this ♡

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 3.19.14 pm
MECCA: Lip De Luscious – $28.00

Last but definitely not least is my trusty lip gloss which I use everyday! This lip gloss is hydrating and glossy but also adds a gorgeous sparkle and shiny appearance to the lips. I love to use this by itself or over a lipstick to make it extra glossy ♡



8 thoughts on “MY EVERYDAY MAKEUP ROUTINE 2017

  1. I definitely need to try more Nars products – everyone seems to love their foundation!

    never heard of sportsgirl – i will have to check that brand out. you have lots of great tips! :)


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