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We’ve all been there, wanting to buy the latest beauty products but not sure if it’s worth the money nor the hype.

Good news! bellabox has you covered ♡

If you are unaware, bellabox is Australia’s #1 beauty subscription box that provides each of its customers with around 5 beauty samples each month to test out.

So, no more second guessing whether to buy the latest beauty trends, you can test them out each month before making that final decision!

I became aware of bellabox two years ago when I started receiving their monthly boxes and it’s fair to say, I became OBSESSED!

When it came to organising some work experience, I wanted to go somewhere that I would truly enjoy, so it was a no brainer to go to bellabox for the week!


During my week at bellabox, I worked with the brand team learning about how they find brands for each month’s box. I worked with customer service replying to emails and I worked with marketing, posting pictures to their social media accounts… the list goes on!

Here are some photos from my week at bellabox:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re interested in purchasing a bellabox for a loved one or to even shout yourself this Christmas, sign up for your December box at the bellabox website! BTW, there’s a women’s box (bellabox), baby box (bellababy) and men’s box (bellobox), so there’s something for everyone!

Take it from me, if you sign up for a monthly box, you won’t be disappointed!

Thank you so much to Carmel and the lovely team at bellabox for looking after me and allowing me to have the most amazing week ♡


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